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Service Model

More than just an equipment supplier.

Our service model is designed to build successful ongoing relationships by removing up-front capital costs, tailoring delivery to your specific application, and providing ongoing monitoring, support, and upgrades.


A long term outlook in an all inclusive package

AMT delivers a unique level of technology access and support via an all-inclusive service model for a set annual fee, with no capital outlay.

The service model differs from an equipment outright purchase in that it covers:

  • provision of equipment, hardware and firmware upgrades as available
  • hardware failure and end-of-life warranty replacement
  • remote and scheduled onsite technical support
  • remote data monitoring and system monitoring
  • technology licence/access fees

how it works

We start with understanding, then collaborate, monitor and adapt.

We work closely with our customers to ensure that the technology solution developed will meet the specific requirements of their unique application and delivers optimal performance on an ongoing basis.

Initial system development

  1. Initial discussion and understanding
  2. Collaboration on technical specifications
  3. Custom system & product development
  4. Managed system deployment

Ongoing support and upgrades

  1. Regular remote monitoring of all active systems
  2. Detailed data analysis & performance feedback
  3. Identification of operational issues
  4. Monitoring of overall equipment health
  5. Ongoing hardware & firmware upgrades
  6. Hardware replacement at end of life included


Our overarching motivation is to provide consistent, efficient and cost effective access for our customers

By building ongoing strategic relationships and working collaboratively with our customers, we are able to customise our products to meet their specific needs. These relationships further allow us to continue to monitor, improve and develop our products after deployment.

Access to the latest hardware

Updating our customers' hardware at no extra cost allows them to take advantage of technology updates and improvements in this dynamic landscape.

All-inclusive warranty

All hardware is covered by an ongoing warranty, so any failed or reduced performance units will be replaced at no cost, and typically on short lead times.

Pre-emptive support

We closely monitor all hardware for early signs of failure, degradation and end-of-life symptoms and provide recommendations for pre-emptive replacement of units.

Onsite support and training

Our system experts are available to oversee system commissioning, to undertake onsite technical/operator training and to review ongoing customer requirements.

No upfront investment

The service model provides our customers with advanced guidance technology with zero capital outlay and so avoiding capital expenditure budget implications.

Flexible and scalable

Our flexible agreements allow our customers to scale their deployments up or down as necessary, giving them control over costs and scale of operations at all times.