A strong history backed by results in the field.

Since beginning operations in association with the mining arm of Australia's largest R&D organisation, AMT has gone on to play a key role in establishing the widespread use of inertial mining guidance.

Founded in 1996

Along the way we have gained international recognition, delivered many successful installations, serviced and upgraded equipment for key long term customers, and grown into new markets and applications across coal and potash mining.

100s of units delivered

AMT's business and organisational structure has continued to grow to support our expanding customer base, innovative product development program and our ambitious and strategically important research and development goals.

25 global projects


A dedicated team backed by an extensive R&D background, engineering excellence and in-house software expertise.

Led by Managing Director Dr David Reid and Technical Director Tyson Zastrow, AMT’s operations are supported by a team of dedicated staff covering software development, mechatronics, avionics, electrical and mechanical engineering.

David Reid

Founder & Managing Director

Dr David C. Reid was instrumental in government and industry-driven research & development in the 1990s which demonstrated the practical application of inertial navigation technology for underground mining guidance and automation.

This research focus has continued since that time and underpins the commercial success of AMT's products and technology delivery.

David holds a B.Eng (Electrical and Computing)(Hons) and a Ph.D in signal processing theory. He has authored/co-authored more than 70 journal and peer-reviewed publications and is the primary or co-inventor on 10 underground guidance and automation-related international patents.

Tyson Zastrow

Technical Director

Tyson Zastrow joined AMT in 2013 and takes a pivotal role as Technical Director.

Tyson has had broad experience in engineering and software design across multiple industries.

He holds a B.InfoTech (Software Architecture) and a B.Eng (Mechatronics) (Hons). Tyson is driven to find elegant engineering solutions to complex and challenging problems, and building the products that deliver those solutions to AMT's customers.


AMT's past and future success is built on the quality of the people that come together to deliver technological excellence.

We are committed to making AMT a stand-out technology development and delivery company and a great place to forge an outstanding career. We are always on the lookout for outstanding employees in the areas of engineering and computer science as our market presence continues to grow now and into the future.    

A unique opportunity

Compared to roles offered by larger companies with similar experience, roles at AMT offer the chance to step into more responsibility and variety.

Real world impact

Tangible and significant impact on advanced industrial systems deployed in underground mines around the world.

Have your voice heard

The opportunity to have a high level of input into the company’s software development, technologies, procedures and design.

Share in our success

Staff are encouraged to be part of our long term plans, growing alongside us in an expanding business and to benefit from future growth.

Dedicated to our team

We place a strong emphasis on our people and culture, always aiming to create a supportive and flexible working environment.

Be rewarded

All roles within the business come with an attractive salary that recognises experience and the value each individual adds to the organisation.


Think you'd be a good fit to join our team? We'd love to hear from you.

AMT offers a great career opportunity for outstanding software engineers and computer scientists with the following skills, qualifications and role alignment.


  • Design, develop, maintain and improve C++ software applications running in an embedded Linux environment.
  • Design, develop, maintain and improve embedded Linux web servers with a C++ backend and HTML/CSS/Javascript/WebGL frontend.
  • Design, develop, maintain and improve AMT’s cloud server software and web services for data gathering, analysis and visualisation.
  • Follow best practices to manage software version control, testing and build procedures.
  • Provide design input into new software systems and products as they are developed.
  • Experience and knowledge in the following technical areas (not all required): 1. C++ development 2. JavaScript and Web (Full Stack) development 3. Kubernetes, Docker and Linux
  • Data analysis and experience with databases and large data sets.
  • Demonstrated ability to undertake a high level of self-directed work.
  • Ability to think laterally, problem solve and systematically tackle large problems to achieve a reliable and elegant solution.
  • A degree in IT, Software Engineering, Computer Science or equivalent is essential.
  • Citizenship or permanent residency is essential.
  • (Undergraduates with outstanding software aptitude will also be considered)

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